• Shelley Walters – International Sales Speaker

    Many Sales Keynotes are simply teaching sales people to be better and better at skills your customers care less and less about.

    Customers are evolving faster than the average sales professional. This has been happening for the past 10 years and more. Buyers are more informed and require more than just product specifications and benefits. They are looking for insight, packaged in relevant and memorable communication. But most sales teams simply are not fully equipped for the changing world of sales, leaving our clients frustrated.

    International Conference Speaker Shelley Walters will bring your team what they most need today.

    1. Relevant, researched and validated insight into the changing market
    2. Reconnection with the value that your products and services drive
    3. Strategies for increased relevance and effectiveness
    4. Frameworks to make the content memorable and engaging, making the learning immediately actionable

    When selecting your next Event Speaker for your Sales Kickoff, Annual Conference of Leadership Summit, look for more than just a motivational speaker. Look for inspiration, engaging content, actionable ideas and relevant insights. Give your sales team content that will both inspire and equip them to differentiate themselves and your organization in an increasingly competitive environment.

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    “we closed two major deals a week after training with Shelley”

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    Masterclass brings you lessons in personal development from the experts in their fields. Learn soft skills they don’t teach you in business school – that can make all the difference to your career. Sales Trainer Shelly Walters is an expert in persuasion and presentation. She gives us a Masterclass in winning over audiences and giving killer presentations.

  • The relevance of salespeople

    Value should be designed from the conversation backward. If the conversations fails so does everything behind it. When 89% of sales conversations are deemed to be a waste of time by corporate decision makers we know we have some work to do. I teach your sales professionals how to shift your clients perception of value, towards your value offering. Based on the how they sell.

  • Drowning in a sea of sameness

    Your number one competitor is status quo. Do to your inability to clearly articulate your value offering to your clients, many simply cannot tell the difference between you and your competitors. This leads to the place that many of us are familiar with, clients who commoditize your offering and make a decision based on price alone. Because to them, this is the only differentiator.

  • Passion and Politics

    Your ability to resonate with your audience is what will make your next speech or presentation successful. The power of a good presentation is in what happens after your audience leaves the room.
    Shelley Walters recently worked with DA MPL’s to assist them to communicate their message in a meaningful and memorable way.


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