• Sold -Out

    What turns customers on more than realising that you are fully committed to driving their outcomes? This highly engaging keynote focuses on the mindset and skill sets necessary to position yourself as an indispensable resource that your clients cannot live without.

  • The One Skill

    Today’s buyers are frazzled, fickle and frustrated.
    Just like you and I. How do we capture the attention of our already overwhelmed buyers? This practical and highly engaging session will have the penny dropping and the lightbulbs illuminating as your sales people realise what a “typical day in the life of your customer” looks like.

    They will discover new approaches for:

    1. Capturing your client’s attention
    2. Building rapport based on mutual respect
    3. How to become an invaluable resource that clients are willing to pay more for
  • More Sales in Less Time

    The myth of time management

    Today we are rewarded for the quality of our thinking, which is more challenging than ever in a world of email, meetings, travel, client escalations and general admin. That is not taking into account the commitments for a life outside of work. In this highly practical session, Shelley will share her personal tool kit for

    1. Leveraging time
    2. Managing Productivity
    3. Prioritising
    4. Managing the expectations of others on your time

    This is the one skill that is needed by every leader, sales manager and sales person. Because results are inextricably linked to focus. Give your team the skills they need to leverage their capacity, manage themselves, and make more sales in less time.