• Shelley was a speaker at 3M Sales & Marketing Forum . WOW is an understatement. Not only was she passionate, energetic, vibrant but more importantly she also delivered content that was relevant & insightful. Well Done Shelley the 3M family loved you.


  • Jaco-Strauss

  • I am happy to say that time spent with Shelley Walters for only a day in Johannesburg on the Differentiated Conversations session has been enlightening. I applied nearly every detail over the past weeks and my client engagement, conversations, collaboration and proposals are of the highest quality its ever been. Shelley raised the level of my personal professionalism and gave me new insights into my business engagements with my clients. Undoubtedly the most valuable training I have ever done!

    Olalaaaah whooop!

    You Rock Shelley!

    Jaco Strauss | Managing Exec Business Development at Internet Solutions Mozambique

  • Diana-Mulili

  • Shelley recently trained the AccessKenya sales team on “Differentiated Conversations.” She presented us with a sales model that immediately registered a positive effect on how we engage with our clients and is already showing results. She is an enlightening trainer, well researched with a very relevant & practical approach to sales. I highly recommend her for any sales team that wants to stay relevant

    Diana Mulili | Head of Sales – Business Services at AccessKenya Group

  • Richard-Muthua

  • Shelly is an authority in training, mentoring and knowledge transfer. Eloquence of her work is envisaged in how simple she makes grasping complex subjects both theoretically or in practice look. The value derived from only an hour in Shelly’s audience is invaluable to organizations that choose to have their employees as part of it. I would thoughtlessly and confidently recommend her to any organization that upholds quality in their human resource.

    Richard Muthua | Head of Products and Solution Architects – EA at Internet Solutions International

  • Douglas-Kruger

  • Shelley Walters is well en route to becoming one of the top female speakers in South Africa. We need more women like her: powerful, confident, knowledgeable and able to inspire organisations with useful content. Shelley is the real thing. My prediction: Give it a year or two and it will be nigh on impossible to book her.

    Douglas Kruger | Professional Speaker and Author of ‘Own Your Industry – How to Position Yourself as an Expert.’

  • Helen-Nicholson

  • I’m thrilled to have Shelley as part of my inner circle network. She facilitates on some of the programmes we run- and consistently receives excellent feedback from our clients and delegates. What distinguishes Shelley is that she’s not an academic speaker and facilitator- she has walked the sales talk. She knows what it’s like to be in the trenches and has the lessons, the experience and the skills. She’s up to date with all the latest persuasion/influence and sales research and I’m privileged to have her on our team.

    Helen Nicholson | CEO The Networking Company | Best-Selling Author | International speaker | Facilitator of Business Networking workshops

  • Justin-Cohen

  • I feel enormously grateful to work with Shelley. There are few people in this country who know as much about selling at free events. She has worked with many of the top international players in the industry. It’s largely thanks to her that I have more than doubled my sales.

    Justin Cohen | International Speaker & Author


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