Great Tech must haves to host a World Class online meeting (that will not cost an arm and a leg)

I touched on this briefly in my Facebook Live last week, and I thought that putting together an easy to reference, won’t break the bank cost wise list of cool tech goodies, that will help you to not only appear super professional in your online meetings and pitches – but also give the upper hand over your competitors would be super handy to help you up your game.

PS – why not put these on your Christmas wish list, maybe Santa will oblige?


It is all about the right angles, and although one’s laptop may come with a webcam, these do not always cast one in the best light. From angles, to clarity and colour, there are so many different offerings that cannot be provided by a standard laptop camera.

Webcams do not need to break the bank and offer a variety of incredible benefits to help level up online meetings and presentations.

I use a Logitech camera for my webinars, Facebook lives and client meetings – and they have a variety of different offerings available to suit all tastes and budgets. Check it out…

Webcam Mount

Now that you are ready to rock and roll with your spiffy new webcam, the right mount can help in a variety of ways. When you have a good webcam, your second, however equally important consideration is to ensure that the camera is at the right angle and height.

That can be somewhat complicated to achieve if you risk using your webcam on your laptop or on your monitor. I suggest getting your hands on a Webcam Mount. Here is a link to the one that I use which conveniently also comes with a Ring Light which we will talk about in a moment. View here…


Sound quality is actually even more important than visual quality, and while most of us are willing to overlook some visual challenges, we are unable to sit through a presentation that is inaudible, has disturbing audio sounds or is otherwise unpleasant to listen to. I recommend beginning with a high-quality USB microphone such as the Samson meteor – find out more here…

Ring Light with Stand/Standing Lights

The best camera in the world cannot pick up a good visual if there's not enough light. If you currently have no lighting solution or are worried about the quality of your current lighting, I'd suggest you start with a ring light - you can get different sizes and grades of quality available, so it is super easy to find something within your budget.

If you would like to light up a larger area you are going to need separate video lights however something like what you see in the link here… 

Please note that the links supplied are merely to show the product suggestions and are not an endorsement of the suppliers shown here, nor do I earn from sharing these links.

I hope this helps you get a great grip on your online and video set up, and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to me on [email protected] for suggestions and advice.

Happy presenting and see you soon,