How to Succeed as a Remote Sales Professional

“To rid yourself of old patterns, focus all your energy not on struggling with the old, but on building the new.” – Dan Millman world-class gymnast.

In 2013 Marissa Mayer, Yahoo’s CEO, and ex-Google wonder child, banned working from home and now seven years later the world has been thrust into remote working. It turns out that remote work is not only effective, but also popular with it growing at an unprecedented rate.

Whether you, as a seller, find yourself part of an organisation that is embracing this move, or, if you are part of a company that is resisting remote selling; according to the latest research this movement is here to stay and you can expect your customers to want to engage in online meetings, cutting down travel and other such time wasters. Working from home has incredible benefits, but it comes with its challenges too. This week I am sharing some foundational strategies that you can use while finding your groove as a remote salesperson:

Here are my seven top tips for succeeding in remote sales

First things first – get your head right. Your entire life is the product of the way that you think, and as a sales professional you probably know first-hand the impact of your thinking on your results. A negative, unfocussed, or undisciplined mindset is going to show in your pipeline.

Watch what you are paying attention to. Be intentional about what you read, what you watch and what you listen to. Make a point of listening to motivational content (watch out for the link at the end of this article to one of my personal favourite motivational videos). If you feel yourself slipping into a negative, defeatist, or unproductive mindset, take immediate steps to get your mindset back to where it needs to be in order to serve and support you.

Design a routine. For years we have been saying that if we had more flexibility, we could find more time to do the things that matter to us. Things like exercise, blogging, reading and personal development. Well, if you are in Remote Selling, your opportunity to do that is now. Design a routine that allows you to be consistent in the behaviours that are most important to your success.

The first hour of your day, and the last hour of your day, can be allocated to admin, follow up, and check-ins. The rest of your day can be allocated to client meetings, pitch preparation and reaching out to new customers.

Focus on your most important tasks. It is great to have designed a routine but staying focused on your priorities can be challenging when you have so many opportunities for distraction. Make a list every morning of what needs to be done for the day, or, even better make the list at the end of the day for the coming day so that its ready and waiting when you take your seat behind your desk.

Approaching your day with this level of clarity is only going to give you more confidence – there is no downside. My second tip is, colour code your categories in outlook, I have a category for each of the major 5 KPI’s in my business, and of course I have a category for sales meetings. This turns my calendar into an info graphic that shows me how focused or distracted I have been in the past week; I can then act on that feedback to improve my performance the next day.

Keep the momentum going and be quick to follow up. With so many competing for the attention of your potential buyer, its vital that you maintain prompt and quick follow up after your meetings

Supply the necessary information promised in  the last meeting, send the meeting request for the follow up meeting or send the meeting minutes, whatever it is, show that you are organised and on the ball.

Stay engaged with customers online, on the phone and on email. Respond to mails timeously, share content on your various social media accounts and return their calls. Reach out to customers and find out how they are. Be “present” even if you are doing it from a distance.

Learn to embrace using video. So many of the salespeople I am talking to want to avoid video! This is crazy when you consider that face to face meetings with our customers have long being seen as “first prize” in client communication.

When two people meet on video, they are face to face. Learn how to leverage the tools at your disposal to give you the best possible connection with your customers. Do not let your fear, your insecurities or your vanity get in the way of you making meaningful connection with your customers.

So, grab your most positive attitude, put on that blouse, brush your hair, and put the camera on. If you need some ideas on how best to not only present, but also to pitch online you can check out my previous article, here.

We now know that we can be incredibly successful in sales, even when selling remotely. Let us apply ourselves to getting the most out of this experience and let us have some fun along the way?

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Oh, and, as promised, here is the link to one of my favourite motivational videos!

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