Miserable and overwhelmed is NOT the new normal

It is busy, I know, and when we realise that we are almost at the end of the year, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed.

Overwhelmed is not good, working from this state can easily impact our creativity, our ability to think strategically and to engage meaningfully with others. The impact that our overwhelm has on others can have a devastating effect on team productivity and morale too.  

So, how do I become more productive right now, I hear you ask?  It's easier than you think.

Firstly, this may sound cliched, but it is only a cliché because it's true. How you think about yourself and how you talk to yourself can have a dramatic impact on how you perform. An old friend taught me this valuable lesson when he said to me; “Shelley, think of yourself as a dial, not a switch” It's easy to think of ourselves in binary terms, we're either good or bad, productive or lazy, clever stupid.

The truth is much more subtle and empowering than that. If you reflect on your life you know that this is true. Sometimes you can dial towards greater productivity and focus, and at times we engage in thoughts, attitudes or behaviours that take us away from focus and productivity.

The beautiful thing is that at any point you can become aware of the direction in which you're going and you can choose to change your thoughts, attitudes and behaviours, and in so doing you can change the direction of your life.

The problem with the fast pace at which most of us are working at the moment is that we seldom take time to pause and reflect, and so we are not aware of the direction in which we're headed; that means we can't change our behaviours and change our direction.

The second disempowering thought that I want to address is that many of us tend to overestimate what we can do in one day and underestimate what we can achieve in a year. If you have a bad day, pause and reflect on how you got to that point, adjust your behaviours and change the direction so that a bad day doesn't become a bad week, a bad month, a bad quarter or a bad year.

If you've had a bad day turn the dial back in the direction in which you want to head, as you do so you'll find yourself feeling greater clarity; a greater sense of purpose and contribution - and of course it won't take long before that shows on your bottom line.

Next week we will be sharing more about some incredible and powerful online presentation tools that you can use to up your online presentations (it’s not just PowerPoint out there, I promise!) and help you win over those all-important potential customers. Do not miss it!

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