What I learnt from going LIVE 11 times in 6 days!

I am part of a digital marketing membership group called Atomic, which headed up by two awesome and energetic guys called Andrew and Pete.

My membership with Atomic has been a great success and I have learned so much in my time as part of the community. Andrew and Pete are incredibly competent, and their community is powerful, so you can imagine my surprise (a pleasant surprise!!) when they reached out to me to invite me to participate as a presenter in their free online business training initiative, called ‘Let’s Do This Live!’.

The idea of this weeklong training initiative was that business owners would pick an area of their business and work exclusively on that for the week, at the end of the 5 days they would have a strategy and plan to implement.

I was asked to run a full one-week sales make-over to attendees from all over the world. Two Facebook Live’s per day with Q & A, matching handouts, and activities etc – free of charge. Of course, I said yes.

Then reality settled in, and I realised just how much work it was, and that I would need to fit this in around not only running a business, but onboarding nearly 100 students, client work, podcasts, and re-recording updates for our Remote Selling School.

A mammoth task now that I think about it – however, here is how I managed most of the pressure!

  1. I listed the things most likely to cause me stress (poor planning, not having support, struggling with tech).
  2. Got ahead of the work early and started planning, diarised delivery dates etc.
  3. Asked some of my team members for support – helping with handout creation etc.
  4. Booked time to learn the new technology – practice makes perfect!
  5. I kept the programme simple – I didn’t add anything weird or wonderful but stuck to the basics.
  6. Ran an additional session on the Sunday before the Monday morning start, to get comfortable with the format and new technology.

What I learned from all of this is:

  1. No two days are the same and you are going to have some moments that are better than others – it is okay!
  2. If you relax and have fun, you also give everyone else permission to relax too.
  3. Interacting with businesses from across the globe is fun and offers fresh perspectives and faces to connect with.
  4. Anything is easy when you know how.

So, how did I feel after completing what felt like a giant hurdle before I began?

  1. I felt accomplished – it was a great feeling completing the week successfully and hearing the feedback from the attendees in my group.
  2. I loved the experience of meeting and engaging with new and interesting business owners and answering their questions to better assist them to build and implement sales processes in their businesses.
  3. Honestly, I was wiped out after that sprint, but I did it, I crossed the finish line!

Basically, I was faced with what felt like a huge challenge and broke it down into manageable steps. It was still really challenging, and I was tired at the end, but it was done. In an ideal world, one would prefer a more moderate approach to work, but life does not always happen like that.

So, I am not saying we should all push ourselves to the edge all the time, what I am saying is that you can if you need to.

When last did you take yourself to the limit and wind up surprising yourself with your own results?

A question. When last have you given your sales a serious, focused, and concerted effort over time in a campaign to boost your sales performance?

What feels impossible, while challenging at the time, is always possible. It may be difficult, but it can be done if you are willing to stretch out of your comfort zone.

If you are comfortable doing 10 cold calls a day, do you think you could stretch yourself to doing 30? If you send 50 emails, how many could you send if you really pushed yourself? If you eliminated all distractions?

What could you achieve?

Here is my challenge to you – can you identify one area in which you could double up your efforts and see rewards? One thing that you can explode for a week and see what the fruits of your labour bring you?

I surprised myself, and I want you to surprise yourself too!

The challenge is on!! See what you can do, and if you surprise yourself with the results, please let me know, I love to hear about other sales professionals smashing it!

And if you are in doubt, remember Grandfather Walter’s trusty saying - Good, better, best. Let me never rest until my good is better and my better best.