Conquering the social selling realm like a true captain…

social selling Aug 04, 2020

Over the last few weeks we have chatted about the foundations of social selling, everything from how to position yourself as an expert in your industry, how to reach out to your potential leads in a friendly, yet professional manner and how to create content that engages your potential leads to create awareness and interest not only in you but your products and services as well. All this while still educating and offering solutions to your beloved customers at the same time.

If you have applied what we have taught you, then things should be ticking over nicely, but this is where the hard work begins - how do you maintain this momentum?

I thought I could, I thought I could

We all know The Little Tank Engine Who Could, right? Yup, that kiddie’s cartoon. There is so much we can learn from this little engine because not only did he have the self-belief, the pluck and the mettle to believe that he could get up the hill, even though he wasn’t very large in stature and had never done something this big or important before - but he ultimately saved the day, ensuring that others managed to carry on with their journey instead of being stuck on the railway tracks all day, and he proved that if you keep on going, and stay focussed, eventually you will do something that will totally amaze you.

You may be wondering why I am referencing a children’s cartoon character from the 50’s – but if you actually look at the story and the results this Little Tank Engine achieved, you can see that a few key items stand out -

  • Keep going, especially when it is tough
  • Do not hang back just because you have never done it before
  • Help others to reach their destination instead of being stuck
  • Surprise yourself by doing something new

Ultimately, I want to encourage you to keep going – sometimes things can take a while to show results, or it may feel like all the work you put in is worth nothing, when maybe you don’t see any new customers in the first month or two. I know, I have been there.

Sometimes it can feel like you did all this work and maybe it is all pointless. Sometimes we think everyone else is better equipped to do this, and many times, we give up just before we hit pay dirt – just before the big thing happens – because we doubt ourselves, or we just get tired.

Take what works and lose the rest

In this series, we have shared many ideas – and they may not all resonate with you. That is okay – take what works for you and ditch the rest.

If we are not trying something new or doing something that scares us a little on occasion, then we are not growing or evolving. I am 99.9% sure that the forefathers of sales that I shared about in the previous series, The Story of Selling (link) that innovated well ahead of their time, were literally shivering in their shoes too.

As I am sure you can see, conquering self-doubt and staying consistent are the foundations to evolving, and this is your invitation to conquer your self-doubt and to remain persistent in being a beacon of hope and as you shed light on the problems that keep your customers up at night.

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We would like to acknowledge Sean Roberts from Ensono for his contributions and insights into the creation of this series.

In August month we will be carrying on with The Story of Selling and sharing about 4 incredible female salespeople that broke the mould and changed the game of sales. Do make sure to join us for that incredibly informative series.