Consistency is Key...

social selling Jul 28, 2020

There is no magic formula to this – but as with most things in life, once we have embarked on a journey or something that you dedicate yourself to,  it is the consistency that separates the dabblers from the professionals – be it a gym schedule or an attempt to read more books – setting time aside to dedicate to that task is one that will show you the greatest rewards and social selling is no different.

Not a Flash in The Pan

Success will not necessarily come overnight, and I feel that I need to share this point, as it can be easy to get disheartened when you try something new and the leads and sales do not come pouring in right away.

I encourage you to keep going and not to give up on sharing your content and reaching out to your potential leads. Set time aside every day to work on building your connections and finding new ways and solutions to your customer's challenges, whatever they may be. Over time you will see the results.

This is Not a Phase

Another point to keep in mind, and one that I know many of my clients are struggling with is that - this is not just a phase. This is not just a strategy for now until things return to ‘normal’ as they were before the COVID-19 outbreak – this is normal now and it will be this way going forward.

It’s not a bad thing – if you have been following my Story of Selling blog on my website then you will see how the sales process has shifted and evolved so much over the years to adapt to new technologies and ways of doing things, and this is pretty much the next step in our Story of Selling and sales evolution if you will.

Keep Adding Value

This is the new way of communicating value to new and existing customers. It replaces your face to face visits, your newsletter, your client lunch – it is now all in one place, and it is going to take some getting used to, allow it space in your life and your business.

The content that you create and share stays around forever, and will still be relevant in the future as well, you never know when someone may read your content or article and feel the need to reach out to you, maybe even 6 months down the line.

Building your leads and contacts lists is always vital and something that will stand you in good stead.

Social selling, like a financial investment, requires a commitment to short term sacrifice in favour of long-term goals. That sacrifice is what makes many of us feel uncomfortable, it is a risk to shine your light – and it is a sacrifice to give up your time consistently. But failure to embrace this new opportunity is going to come back to bite us if we do not lean into the change. This week, look out for someone you can champion on your favourite social media channel, like their posts, share their content – and then ask, what is stopping you from stepping out of the shadows and into the light?

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We would like to acknowledge Sean Roberts from Ensono for his contributions and insights into the creation of this series.