The Connected Client

By now, you probably know that my team and I have been hard at work preparing South Africa’s first-ever online Remote Selling School. I am delighted to let you know that Africa’s first Remote Selling school has been accredited by the IISA for 8.4 CPD points - already over 2600 students have taken this course, with great reviews!

Sales is one of the coolest jobs globally, and it just got even cooler, not only can you serve clients with meaningful solutions, determine your earnings, and meet people from all walks of life, now you can do it from the comfort of your home office.

Sales has changed forever, and I could not be more excited. Geographical territories, grueling travel schedules and the frustration of trying to find time in your client’s calendar are all a thing of the past! The world is virtually your oyster.

While many assume that this medium may be sufficient for some industries like the technology sector, the reality is that enterprises that have relied heavily on face-to-face client engagement;  like medical, aesthetics and even financial services are moving to a remote selling model. 

PWC recently released an article in which they shared challenging insights on Digital Workforce Transformation:

The Financial Services industry finds that the most significant barrier to digital innovation is a lack of (digital) skills, with 54% of Financial Services chief executives saying that skills shortage hindered their firm’s ability to innovate effectively.

“FS firms are doubling down on a commitment that might not have been on their radar a few years ago – a commitment to digital upskilling.”

Although Financial Services companies are accelerating the modernization of their technology systems, boosting innovation, and automating to cut costs, they are still finding that their client connection is down, due to the lack of online skills and digital savviness, displayed by their employees.

Read the full article here… 

Sales is a tough job, and this change in the way we engage is unprecedented, and yet, many are already winning at this new game.

This is why I am so passionate about upskilling sales professionals to ensure they are equipped to adapt and engage, with as little stress and downtime as possible.

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