There is more to life than PowerPoint, trust me…

You have probably never given much thought to the tools you used to have at your disposal in a traditional face-to-face selling environment because they were just ‘there’, am I right? And I say this because this was totally me… until recently. 

The good old whiteboard, a sheet of scrap papersome markers, and a few willing participants and voila, ideas generation, project planning creation – and even a sale or two! 

The good news is that those tools have not gone away, they have just been … enhanced or refreshed if you will. 

Refreshed for a new requirement. And along the way, they have acquired an awesome new power. 

I am going to share my top ‘go-to, must have’ tool that is the ultimate for me, and although I have presented on stages and in board rooms around the world, I have to stay on top of my game and this tool helps me to do just that. 

So, here it is – I use Presenter Coach from Microsoft to help me to rehearse and prepare in advance. 

Presenter Coach comes free with any Microsoft email account, allowing you to run through your PowerPoint presentation and after each rehearsal, Presenter Coach will give you a full report, statistics and genuinely insightful tips on how to improve your presentation. It picks up your use of filler words, slang and potentially poor (potty mouth) language. It will also alert you when you are reading from the slide and using too many ‘um’s and ah’s’ etc. 

My presentations are great, I do not need that, I hear you say. Hmmm. Okay, so when did you last film yourself and watch what you look like while you present? Do you have any twitches, habits, or weird things that you do, especially if you are nervous or feeling overwhelmed? As I said earlier, even the most seasoned presenter needs to work on improving their skills 

Often, we do not realise our quirks and our ‘um’s’ – but others do, and it can affect your performance in your online presentations too. May I suggest recording your next Zoom and play it back to yourself the next day with a fresh set of eyes and see what you look like. This investment alone can highlight considerable room for improvement – and if not, well that is great, at least you checked that you were still a presentation ace! 

Next week we will be sharing more about remote selling, understanding it, making it your bosom buddy, and becoming a virtual whizz that blows out the lights with their sales presentations. Do not miss it!  

If you would like to know more about how you can get access to the Remote Selling Course, which would offer you a structured approach to sales success you can indicate your early interest by reaching out to Chris on [email protected]  who will be in touch with relevant information and let you know about our early bird offer.