What to wear to ace your online presentation...

So, what do we what wear when we are presenting online to our clients? When we started working from home earlier this year, all of us were thrust into video meetings, regardless of how we felt about being on camera – and unfortunately for most of us we also don't have the benefit of a hair and makeup crew like most newsreaders and TV presenters do! So, how can we ensure that we look great on video?

Should you be formal or informal? Should you just do business at the top and pajamas at the bottom? Whatever your vibe may be, remember that ultimately how you look on camera is going to be interpreted as a sign of how professional you are to your potential, and current clients.

It may not be fair, and it may not be accurate, but human beings are looking for signs of credibility and trustworthiness, and often wardrobe is one of the ways in which we come to this judgment.

I always say dress well, as dressing well is also a form of respect – and as in a face to face meeting – we should always respect our client’s culture. Remember that when in doubt, it is never a bad idea to be the best dressed person in the room, and that is still true, even if it is a “Zoom” room.

We have three considerations when dressing to impress online…

The first one is considering the background. If you are presenting in front of a black background and you are wearing a black shirt, then you can run the risk of looking like a floating head – which is not optimal – unless of course you are a magician πŸ˜‰

If you are wearing white or grey, and you presenting in front of a white background you run the risk of looking bland or even just fading into the background. Instead, choose something that is going to give you the contrast between yourself and your background that creates visual interest and helps you to stand out.

Avoid strong geometric patterns that can create a disturbing visual. Ditch the stripes, dots, and squares for clean lines in complimentary colours.

When choosing colour, use your discretion - you will know what suits you best. If you have a fair skin tone consider jewel tones - think about ruby, sapphires – plum can also work well depending on your skin tone. if you are blessed with a dark complexion you can wear brighter colours, like pinks and mustard, bright greens, and cobalt blues. Whatever you do, ensure that the colour creates contrast between you and your background.

And especially if you are fair skinned, avoid green shirts. This is because of how colours tend to auto balance, and a green shirt can give your face a reddish look on camera.

Finally, avoid any kind of shiny fabric, the last thing that you want to do is create glare because of the shine coming off your fabric. Also, consider that the shine can add about 5 kgs on to your visual, something most of us would like to avoid.

These are my top tips for looking great online, and offline too for that matter!

See you next week, Shelley