The BIG Secret to Working Well Remotely that Most People Miss


Meditation tips to boost your productivity

 (What you need to know about managing your inbox before you’ve even opened it for the day).

 If you’re like me in any way, you’ll know that from the moment you open your eyes on any given day, your thoughts are filled with what is expected of you for that day. These expectations could be work-related, study or even personally relevant. While getting ready, your head is filling up with what to do, who to call, what to set up, what to complete.

 But ... here’s the thing. By the time you’re done dressing and commuting, that to-do list in your head has become a vague memory. By the time you get to your desk, that list will dissolve into what’s immediately in front of you and needs your attention NOW. And by the time you shut down for the day and leave your desk, that list has already rolled over into tomorrow’s waking thoughts.

 You are pre-occupied by niggling thoughts of what you should accomplish (based on your waking-thought to-do list) versus what you have to do immediately, and all that noise just keeps growing inside your head. Yet, when your head is not clear, you are not performing at your best. Your productivity takes a drop and you are not functioning at a level that uses your best thinking.

 Sound familiar?

 It is vitally important that you are able to function at your best, to perform at your best, to deliver your best. Whilst that isn’t always possible, there are tips and tricks to managing this noise that prevents you from being your best, and today, I’m going to share my own tips and productivity boosters, to help guide you into finding a routine that works best for you.

You see, I have this morning ritual. No matter what my waking thoughts were when I get to my desk, I do these three things:


 I don’t open my laptop. I don’t get on my phone. I sit quietly for a minute and close my eyes to think. I become aware of those waking to-do thoughts and call them forward in my mind’s eye.


My keyboard rests on an A3 planner (but you can use any journal-related media you prefer). I take that to-do list in my head, and I drop it onto my planner. I jot it all down: the appointments, the social commitments, the projects that are due, the financial follow-ups that have to be made, the orders and shopping lists for goods and services, birthdays and anniversaries, etc. Everything.

And then ...

I ROLL ...

... straight into my day.

A vital step, I begin by transposing what I jotted down straight into my calendar, either as a calendar event or as a task. 

The reason I find this step so vital to my productivity on a day-to-day basis is that, if I open myself up to the noise that fills my head, I will not be the best I can be at any given expectation, whether those expectations are externally-driven (an instruction issued to me) or internally-driven (an own goal or to-do item like a shopping list).

If I am not disciplined and productivity-driven, I will find myself pulled in every direction but the one I want to focus on, and the quality I determined to face the day with will be lost.

 Next week, we’ll talk about best practices for navigating your Outlook inbox: the most productive view settings, how you should be mapping your tasks and to-do lists for effective inbox management.

 Most people’s calendars only reflect their one-on-one meetings, but the calendar is an efficient and highly effective tool for working out your productivity time budget for the day. Given that 8 out of every 24 hours we are allocated a day are already booked out for sleeping, we are left with only 16 hours a day to be our best. We show you how to effectively block out your day in manageable time budgets that give you the time to get things done.

 Give yourself an advantage as you begin your day by gaining the clarity you need, prioritizing your work and creating margin in your week.

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