The 7 habits of highly ineffective sales teams: Part 2

Uncategorized Dec 19, 2018

Last week, our research and uniquely-placed insight determined that sales are hampered by 7 key factors. (Click here to read article 1 in this series)

To recap, sales are about relationships, getting to know your customers as well as they know themselves. Team success is highly dependent on how well you know yourself, your clients and your team.

The Sales Counsel is strategically placed to take you there. We have coached, trained and mentored more than 8,000 delegates and stakeholders locally and internationally, at over 350 conferences, workshops and training sessions.

In article 1 (click here to read the full article), we discussed three of the seven habits that limit sales team success:

  1. Impromptu Conversations,
  2. Insincere Rapport Building, and
  3. Sloppy Detective Work

Do you or your team identify or resonate with any of the following remaining habits?

  1.        Rushing the solution

As salespeople ourselves, we are aware that there is a...

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The 7 habits of highly ineffective sales teams: Part 1

Uncategorized Dec 19, 2018

As passionate as we may be about our jobs, sales is not an industry for either the faint of heart nor the lazy. It takes guts to swallow down yet another no, and perseverance to move past that onto a possible yes. Prospects come and go, and there is always one more to fill the gap the last one left behind ... or is there?

If you’re anything like we are, you hate to lose. You know that delivering meaningful results means you get to enjoy the rewards of all your hard work. You love helping your clients and you hate to lose to a less worthy opposition. So, you pour your heart and soul into your job, but is passion alone enough to close a deal?

Sales are about relationships. Clients, customers, stakeholders, network. It’s not about what you call it, it’s about how you sell it, and to whom. Building relationships with your client base is a solid investment in your own future, based on something that never changes, regardless of trends – knowing your customers...

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Finding Success Through Servant Leadership

Uncategorized Dec 12, 2018

A paradox in itself, the term “servant leadership” was coined in the 70’s and credited to the late Robert Greenleaf, then a retired AT&T executive. Half a century later, we take a brief look at the shift away from traditional leadership styles, and how servant leadership has become an organisation’s strongest asset.

Understandably focused on systems and structures, traditional leadership roles have been relatively easy to train and enforce, particularly for personalities that place strong emphasis on the expected respect of a given job title. Authoritarian in nature, most leadership styles were bound to give way to a more people-focused approach in today’s evolving organisational culture.

Let’s take a look at what servant leadership is not:

  • It is not concerned with acquiring or holding onto power.

In fact, distribution of the traditionally-held power reigns is what makes servant leadership so effective.

  • It is not focused on maintaining...
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