How to Run a Successful Remote Sales Meeting


According to one of the world’s leading sources of sales research data, there are now an average of 6.8 buyers in any complex B2B buying decision.  That was before COVID- 19, those decision-makers are just as likely to be someone in a different part of the country (or the world) as they are to be in your city.  While online meetings do provide us with several benefits, we should not overlook the obvious challenges that this channel presents.

Let’s start with the fact that many people have gone from having a lot of meetings, too many meetings in fact – to now doing nothing but meetings all day every day.

As our calendars fill up faster than panic buyers filled their trolley’s at Woolworths, we find ourselves losing the valuable opportunity to regroup as we dash from one meeting to the next, and almost everyone seems to be breaking what can only be likened to Olympic records in screen time right now.

In a day packed with Zoom meetings and Skype...

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