What I learnt from going LIVE 11 times in 6 days!

I am part of a digital marketing membership group called Atomic, which headed up by two awesome and energetic guys called Andrew and Pete.

My membership with Atomic has been a great success and I have learned so much in my time as part of the community. Andrew and Pete are incredibly competent, and their community is powerful, so you can imagine my surprise (a pleasant surprise!!) when they reached out to me to invite me to participate as a presenter in their free online business training initiative, called ‘Let’s Do This Live!’.

The idea of this weeklong training initiative was that business owners would pick an area of their business and work exclusively on that for the week, at the end of the 5 days they would have a strategy and plan to implement.

I was asked to run a full one-week sales make-over to attendees from all over the world. Two Facebook Live’s per day with Q & A, matching handouts, and activities etc – free of charge. Of course, I...

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The BIG Secret to Working Well Remotely that Most People Miss


Meditation tips to boost your productivity

 (What you need to know about managing your inbox before you’ve even opened it for the day).

 If you’re like me in any way, you’ll know that from the moment you open your eyes on any given day, your thoughts are filled with what is expected of you for that day. These expectations could be work-related, study or even personally relevant. While getting ready, your head is filling up with what to do, who to call, what to set up, what to complete.

 But ... here’s the thing. By the time you’re done dressing and commuting, that to-do list in your head has become a vague memory. By the time you get to your desk, that list will dissolve into what’s immediately in front of you and needs your attention NOW. And by the time you shut down for the day and leave your desk, that list has already rolled over into tomorrow’s waking thoughts.

 You are pre-occupied by...

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