How to Remotely Pitch, Propose, Persuade

Your task today is to ensure that you have a world-class remote presentation and pitching skills in an environment where your voice and your delivery count more than ever before, coupled with this you need your visuals to be breathtakingly brilliant. It is all new. And the stakes have never been higher.

It is here that you begin to position yourself as an authority in your industry or field way before the meeting. I have found that many people wait until the big pitch to position themselves as an authority, and by then it may just possibly well be too late.

I have shared the story before about how I failed to do this when I first opened The Sales Counsel, and headed into a proposal meeting, without positioning myself as an authority, and tanked the proposal just by my own disbelief in myself, and it’s a true story that taught me a very valuable lesson, let me assure you!

Setting the Scene

On a good day, our customers are distracted by text messages and phone calls, and on a...

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Social Selling and Building Relationships Online

When I started in sales, I had to visit 8 clients physically, every single day. No jokes! In our wildest dreams we could not have imagined a tool like email, never mind social media.

Social media has created so many incredible opportunities for us, and it is about time that we took that seriously. We need to consistently find high-quality leads, of course, I am stating the obvious here - but on platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and others, they are there in their millions, trust me.

Actually, you do not have to trust me, just look at the research! According to a recent study conducted by LinkedIn - 72% of buyers use social media to research solutions for purchase.

Seventy-two percent. That is not a number you can or should ignore.

Fact is… cold calls are a thing of the past

We have to face it. Cold emails and cold calls are today's sales equivalent of trying to use a sledgehammer to fix a computer. Not only are they outmoded, they simply do not work, and most of the time...

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Hosting an Engaging and Interactive Meeting

In the traditional sales world, a professional salesperson would prepare for, and focus on, commanding the room, the conversation and the sales process, and you would be prepared to maximise the chances of success at whichever stage of the sale you are because that’s how you win deals.

In the digital world, this is even more important, because attention spans are shorter, distractions are more numerous and the medium itself makes it much more challenging to forge a human connection.

The simple reality, however, is that if you fail to communicate that in the online meeting you run the risk of being passed on to another stakeholder in the business, somebody that's that has less interest, and probably also less decision making power.

You may be very insightful and may have strong perspectives or insight or value to deliver to the client, but if you cannot communicate that effectively, then you may lose their attention – and we really want to avoid that, because if the deal...

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How to Run a Successful Remote Sales Meeting


According to one of the world’s leading sources of sales research data, there are now an average of 6.8 buyers in any complex B2B buying decision.  That was before COVID- 19, those decision-makers are just as likely to be someone in a different part of the country (or the world) as they are to be in your city.  While online meetings do provide us with several benefits, we should not overlook the obvious challenges that this channel presents.

Let’s start with the fact that many people have gone from having a lot of meetings, too many meetings in fact – to now doing nothing but meetings all day every day.

As our calendars fill up faster than panic buyers filled their trolley’s at Woolworths, we find ourselves losing the valuable opportunity to regroup as we dash from one meeting to the next, and almost everyone seems to be breaking what can only be likened to Olympic records in screen time right now.

In a day packed with Zoom meetings and Skype...

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