What I learnt from going LIVE 11 times in 6 days!

I am part of a digital marketing membership group called Atomic, which headed up by two awesome and energetic guys called Andrew and Pete.

My membership with Atomic has been a great success and I have learned so much in my time as part of the community. Andrew and Pete are incredibly competent, and their community is powerful, so you can imagine my surprise (a pleasant surprise!!) when they reached out to me to invite me to participate as a presenter in their free online business training initiative, called ‘Let’s Do This Live!’.

The idea of this weeklong training initiative was that business owners would pick an area of their business and work exclusively on that for the week, at the end of the 5 days they would have a strategy and plan to implement.

I was asked to run a full one-week sales make-over to attendees from all over the world. Two Facebook Live’s per day with Q & A, matching handouts, and activities etc – free of charge. Of course, I...

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How time scarcity is limiting your potential

Busy busy, rush rush, do more, achieve more, be more.

In today’s day and age being busy is praised. Being stressed and overworked is lauded as being successful and being completely and utterly drained on every level has become our new norm. Is it worse since the pandemic arrived last year – from my side, I can certainly say that I feel it is.

You know the drill - drag yourself out of bed, kick off the workday, drink too much coffee, sit in endless Zoom meetings, hoover down a sandwich at the laptop, emails and reports to complete, go for a quick run because exercise is important, yell at the kids for making a noise, more reports and eventually dragging yourself from your laptop to eat dinner, while sitting on your phone and checking social media and eventually falling asleep on the couch at 9 pm because you just cannot keep your eyes open any longer. Rinse. Repeat.

We all know the saying ‘money rich and time poor', right? But did you know that this saying has been...

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The Connected Client

By now, you probably know that my team and I have been hard at work preparing South Africa’s first-ever online Remote Selling School. I am delighted to let you know that Africa’s first Remote Selling school has been accredited by the IISA for 8.4 CPD points - already over 2600 students have taken this course, with great reviews!

Sales is one of the coolest jobs globally, and it just got even cooler, not only can you serve clients with meaningful solutions, determine your earnings, and meet people from all walks of life, now you can do it from the comfort of your home office.

Sales has changed forever, and I could not be more excited. Geographical territories, grueling travel schedules and the frustration of trying to find time in your client’s calendar are all a thing of the past! The world is virtually your oyster.

While many assume that this medium may be sufficient for some industries like the technology sector, the reality is that enterprises that have relied...

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How to Succeed as a Remote Sales Professional

“To rid yourself of old patterns, focus all your energy not on struggling with the old, but on building the new.” – Dan Millman world-class gymnast.

In 2013 Marissa Mayer, Yahoo’s CEO, and ex-Google wonder child, banned working from home and now seven years later the world has been thrust into remote working. It turns out that remote work is not only effective, but also popular with it growing at an unprecedented rate.

Whether you, as a seller, find yourself part of an organisation that is embracing this move, or, if you are part of a company that is resisting remote selling; according to the latest research this movement is here to stay and you can expect your customers to want to engage in online meetings, cutting down travel and other such time wasters. Working from home has incredible benefits, but it comes with its challenges too. This week I am sharing some foundational strategies that you can use while finding your groove as a remote salesperson:

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The BIG Secret to Working Well Remotely that Most People Miss


Meditation tips to boost your productivity

 (What you need to know about managing your inbox before you’ve even opened it for the day).

 If you’re like me in any way, you’ll know that from the moment you open your eyes on any given day, your thoughts are filled with what is expected of you for that day. These expectations could be work-related, study or even personally relevant. While getting ready, your head is filling up with what to do, who to call, what to set up, what to complete.

 But ... here’s the thing. By the time you’re done dressing and commuting, that to-do list in your head has become a vague memory. By the time you get to your desk, that list will dissolve into what’s immediately in front of you and needs your attention NOW. And by the time you shut down for the day and leave your desk, that list has already rolled over into tomorrow’s waking thoughts.

 You are pre-occupied by...

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