Leaders, are you in an Acceleration Trap?

In our Leadership work with senior Executives, we are asked who our toughest clients are. The hardest leaders to coach are those that do not create/allow time for reflection. The most common challenge we find is quality time together. Everyone is SO busy doing, doing, and some more doing. Diaries and work schedules are unbelievably demanding.

This trend will only increase with the VUCA world we live in. The Boston Consulting Group measures an index called the “Complicated Index”. This index has been rising by nearly 7% per year over the last 50 years! It is said that we are living in the middle of a 50-year period of the most change ever experienced.

Deep thought and reflection are casualties of this high-pressure and high-stakes environment for Executives. CEOs find themselves rushing from event to event, Zoom calling on a back-to-back basis and making decisions “on the hoof” continually. Downtime is often regarded as wasted time.

No wonder that survey data...

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