How time scarcity is limiting your potential

Busy busy, rush rush, do more, achieve more, be more.

In today’s day and age being busy is praised. Being stressed and overworked is lauded as being successful and being completely and utterly drained on every level has become our new norm. Is it worse since the pandemic arrived last year – from my side, I can certainly say that I feel it is.

You know the drill - drag yourself out of bed, kick off the workday, drink too much coffee, sit in endless Zoom meetings, hoover down a sandwich at the laptop, emails and reports to complete, go for a quick run because exercise is important, yell at the kids for making a noise, more reports and eventually dragging yourself from your laptop to eat dinner, while sitting on your phone and checking social media and eventually falling asleep on the couch at 9 pm because you just cannot keep your eyes open any longer. Rinse. Repeat.

We all know the saying ‘money rich and time poor', right? But did you know that this saying has been...

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