How time scarcity is limiting your potential

Busy busy, rush rush, do more, achieve more, be more.

In today’s day and age being busy is praised. Being stressed and overworked is lauded as being successful and being completely and utterly drained on every level has become our new norm. Is it worse since the pandemic arrived last year – from my side, I can certainly say that I feel it is.

You know the drill - drag yourself out of bed, kick off the workday, drink too much coffee, sit in endless Zoom meetings, hoover down a sandwich at the laptop, emails and reports to complete, go for a quick run because exercise is important, yell at the kids for making a noise, more reports and eventually dragging yourself from your laptop to eat dinner, while sitting on your phone and checking social media and eventually falling asleep on the couch at 9 pm because you just cannot keep your eyes open any longer. Rinse. Repeat.

We all know the saying ‘money rich and time poor', right? But did you know that this saying has been...

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Learn the one top tip you need to gain more influence with decision makers

Maintaining a high level of engagement among all parties in any meeting is a challenge. But, doing it in a video-led environment makes the real-world challenge look like child’s play. If you have spent any time on video calls up to now, you will know what this means.

The winners in this new world of online selling will be the ones who master this, and the ones who can keep all the key stakeholders engaged, or better still, captivated.

Building trust and credibility will help you get the meeting, once in the virtual room however you will need to increase your reach and influence if you hope to not only gain but to hold the attention of your key decision-makers,

There are at least three criteria to building trust:

  1. Your organisational skills
  2. Your relevant competencies
  3. Your demonstration of commitment to the client's cause

But, beyond building trust, we need to find ways of increasing the influence we have over key decision-makers, as well as those who play different roles in...

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Remote Selling - How to Become A Technical Set Up Boss

remote-selling Sep 15, 2020

Be prepared

As any Boy Scout (or Girl Guide for that matter) knows, you should always be prepared – in fact that is the global motto for the Boy Scouts and one that I feel should be adopted by all business professionals as we head into these somewhat exciting times, and into totally unchartered territory.

By now, you should be used to preparing all your materials and practising your pitch before a sales meeting, because that is professional sales behaviour, however, there are a lot of things to work on in the new world of online sales in order to better become a master of our craft.

Your Camera, Audio and Lighting Set Up

Now, this may seem quite straightforward, but if you think back to the online meetings you have had in the last few weeks, how many of the attendees have either appeared submerged in shadows, illuminated like an angel, or have even had the camera set up at a really odd angle that surely did not do them the justice that they deserved?

When considering your...

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Your Guide to Remote Selling in an Online World

remote-selling Sep 08, 2020

As businesses around the world adjust to the realities of remote working and selling, sales and marketing, however, still need to bring in the leads, nurture the client’s relationships and close the deals.

The workplace will never look the same again, and as businesses establish remote working practices, we can see that this will mean that we to change in our sales approach and process.

Now, more than ever we have come face to face with the reality that sales and sales effectiveness are nothing less than essential economic services.

If you want to grab and hold your potential customer's attention – then you will want to make sure to join me for the next 10 weeks where not only will you learn how to take your online presentation skills to a new level, but also assist you and your team to learn how to build rapport online, connect with your potential customers, how to do a full online product demonstration and much more.

What we will be covering...

Be a Technical Set Up...

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