Eye Contact - Look at me!

#remotesales sales Sep 21, 2021

by Gordon Menzies

Since the dawn of interpersonal communication, some fundamental principles have emerged that are never going to change, period!

If you are a Sales Professional who wants to succeed, you need to adopt these basic principles as part of your pitch, or take it from me? You will fail. Or even better.. Just put them into practice in your personal life. That way, they will be engrained into your customer engagements as well. 

The human brain is hard-wired to make decisions very quickly. Put differently; a potential customer can decide in seconds whether they will like you or not.  This phenomenon occurs as you meet someone for the very first time. It is not a personal thing; it is simply the human brain at work. As you are no doubt aware, in sales, the first meeting is also the most important.  It is where first impressions are formed and opinions are made, leading to the exchange of valuable information. So, I ask with tears in my eyes (no pun intended),...

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