A Modern Day Inspiration - Anneke Seley

A modern-day female sales inspiration and the one that my team felt was a fitting close to this series has to be without a doubt the CEO and Founder of Reality Works, Anneke Seley – as her ideas and drive are ones that inspire me daily, being in the business of sales myself.

Reality Works is one of the foremost sales strategies and implementation consultancies, and Anneke has co-authored a number of books including the highly popular Sales 2.0: Improve Business Results Using Innovative Sales Practices and Technology.

The early days at Oracle

Anneke graduated from Stanford University in the early 1980s with a degree in Human Biology and fully intended to follow a career in public health when her career path was diverted by Larry Ellison, who offered her a position as the 12th employee of the now multibillion-dollar global computer technology corporation, Oracle.

During her time at Oracle, Anneke designed and pioneered Oracle Inside, the company's extraordinary internal sales...

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