Why you should be using video for customer engagement

By Gavin Sandham

While the debate rages on regarding Work from Home (WFH) or Return to Work (RTW), a recent poll on LinkedIn by Jennifer Bou Dolh regarding this was met with a resounding 56% of the votes for an “I’d prefer a mix of the 2”. There were 760 responses. I believe that this is indicative of how the world will operate. There are industries that will never achieve this, however many jobs can and do function extremely well from home. Sales, marketing, admin, debt collectors, credit controllers, financial and insurance brokers are just a few jobs that can operate from just about anywhere.

The ‘elephant in the room’ question to all companies is – What do your customers want? Research shows us that customers are pleased to engage via video conferencing. Did you know LinkedIn is tied for third place (51%) with Instagram for businesses posting videos, YouTube being first and Facebook a close second. I don’t know about you, but this is...

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