The last person standing is the winner…

How are you holding up, hanging in there?

I must admit that last week was quite the challenging ride for me, and I will share more about that with you shortly.

It really got me thinking about the challenges, or battles that we are all facing, in varying degrees as we progress and push and attempt to get a handle on life right now.

A mentor once told me - in a fight to the death the winner is not the one that threw the most punches, or even the best punches, it is not even about your technical ability.

In a fight to the death the last person standing is the one that wins. So, what is the challenge that you are facing right now? What is your Everest that you need to summit?

Here is my week, in a short summary (after reading this you will not feel so alone, I promise):

Some context to add behind this, we are currently upgrading our Remote Selling School experience, and I decided to re-record some of the videos that accompany a few of the modules.

Day One, Wednesday

I spent the day...

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The Story of Selling Continues – Mary Kay Ash

This Women’s Month we want to introduce you to some awe-inspiring saleswomen, business owners and industry pioneers, women that left their indelible mark on The Story of Selling and made this profession one of the most enjoyable professions a woman can participate in today.

Something Different

To add a bit of a feminine fire to our list of giants, Mary Kay Ash joins the list as one of the modern founders of sales, done with such style and elegance, that she remains one of the greats up until today! Her legacy has made many a wealthy and successful woman.

Born in Texas to a middle-class family Mary Kay (Born Mary Kathleen Wagner) completed school and got married to raise her family. During the war, while her husband was serving in the army, she had sold books door to door to make ends meet, and it was here that her sales skills began to be honed.

After the war, she worked for Stanley Home Products where she hosted demonstration ‘parties’ of the companies’...

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